Web Resources for New Elementary Teachers

Reviewer:  Karen Davies-Buckley 

This webliography is designed to help relieve some of the stressors placed on new teachers of elementary level.  Some of the resources that follow are for implementing activities, lessons and units in the classroom.  Other helpful resources listed are for ideas for managing classrooms, reaching students of varying abilities and learning styles, and help in general for a new teacher searching for information. Each listing contains the website name, address, a brief summary, a commentary and rating by this reviewer. 

Rating Scale:  ¨ poor,  ¨¨ fair,  ¨¨¨good,    ¨¨¨¨ excellent 

1.  University of the State of New York State Education Department


Summary: This site is useful for new teachers of New York State.  It contains links and resources related to professional development, state testing, state standards, grants, laws, curriculum resources.             

Commentary:  I have found this site to be one of my number one resources over the years.  It helps to address general as well as specific questions related to my own teaching certification, my classroom needs, and addressing student needs.

Rating:  ¨¨¨

      2.  The Educator’s Reference Desk


Summary: This site provides numerous resources for teachers.  Some of the topics include lesson plans, content area information, assessment, curriculum, higher education, educational technology, and reaching special populations (i.e.: special education).           

Commentary:  I found this site to be very useful and user friendly.  I like how the topics are sorted and it seems to link teachers to resources that are accurate and reliable. 

Rating:  ¨¨¨¨

  3.  edHelper.com


Summary:  edHelper is a site created by teachers, and offers a plethora of ideas, information, and activities for any topic you may be doing a lesson or unit on.             

Commentary: One draw back is that you must subscribe to this site in order to access information, but I have found the price to be well worth it.   I have used edHelper for many years and watched it grow.  It has been very useful in helping me to develop ideas and expand on topics for my units.

Rating:  ¨¨¨¨

  4.  Oswego State University, School of Education


Summary:  This is my own college website (a department of), but I list it as a resource to remind people that MANY college websites (your own or not) can be extremely useful.  This site offers information on professional development, projects that the college may be working on in conjunction with school districts, and various teacher resources.  The college library hosts many invaluable teacher resources as well.             

Commentary:  As a new educator I have turned to this site a number of times when searching for information.  It is useful and accurate. 

Rating:  ¨¨¨

  5.  Oswego City School District


Summary:  This is a website of a local school district.  I list this website to remind people that you can access many school district websites (not just your own) to find resources.  This site offers curriculum and instructional resources for teachers (some are from teachers in the district, some are links too sites they find useful).  It also can give teachers ideas of this that may be lacking in their own district.           

Commentary: I came across this website during a previous college class.  It has proven to be extremely useful in planning as well as expanding on ideas. 

Rating:  ¨¨¨¨

      6.  CAST: Universal Design for Learning


Summary:  This website offers professional development for educators, as well as research based techniques.  It promotes reaching every learner in the classroom and how to meet this need.  The second link takes you to Cast’s  Teaching Every Student site.  This site provides all types of ideas to address the needs of all learners through curriculum, content areas, use of technology to meet student needs, etc.          

Commentary:  I learned of this website in a previous college class.  We used it a great deal to help us create lessons and units in the Universal Design For Learning Format.  

Rating:  ¨¨¨¨  

7.  The Scholastic Store


Summary:  This is one site where you can purchase books and other materials for your classroom, or for other references – i.e. looking up additional books by authors.  From here you can link to Scholastic.com and go into a section for teachers.  This site has lesson plans, time saving tools, free giveaways, a new teacher help-line and so much more.         

Commentary: I used to use this site more, but still do order from here once in a while.  I usually compare prices between here and other vendors.  It is convenient to use if you like to order materials on-line.  The teacher section is very helpful and thought provoking.

Rating:  ¨¨  

8.  Graphic Maps


Summary:  This site offers a user-friendly map on the home page.  It is fun for students to click and see where they can go.   It also offers a great deal of factual information, and various types of maps for the places you look up.  This site also offers links related to the country of topic (For example – If you go to Egypt, there are links listed regarding the pyramids, ancient Egypt, Egypt today…)

Commentary:  I used this site for the unit my 3rd grade students did on Egypt.  I found a lot of information here.  One thing I did not like about the site is that is has a lot of advertising.  Students like this site as it contains colorful and realistic pictures, as well as breaks maps down to see a country inside of a continent.

Rating:  ¨¨¨  

9.  U.S. Department of Education


Summary:  This website offers top stories related to education.  It also offers information on No Child Left Behind, grants, teaching resources, and research and statistics.           

Commentary:  I like this website for keeping up to date on what is happening with education.  The teacher resources are limited, but there are some helpful items.

Rating:  ¨¨¨  

10.  Teacher Vision


Summary:  This website is another subscription site.  You pay a yearly fee to subscribe and you receive access to lesson plans, classroom management ideas, printable books, graphic organizers, and much more.  They do offer a 7 day free trial, so you can see what they offer.           

Commentary:  I like this site because it is organized by grade, or topic.  You can access information easily. 

Rating:  ¨¨¨

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